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Binary Asteroids 5: Program Schedule

Tuesday, September 3
15:00-18:00Registration / Poster Setup
18:00-20:00Reception (appetizers/cash bar)

Wednesday, September 4Embargoed abstracts do not have a Download link
08:30-08:50Brian Warner / Dan ScheeresIntroductory Remarks  
08:50-09:15Marina BrozovicRadar And Lightcurve Observations Of Binary Near-Earth Asteroid 2018 EBDownload
09:15-09:40Patrick TaylorEqual-Mass Binary Near-Earth Asteroids: (190166) 2005 UP156 and 2017 YE5Download
09:40-10:05Lance BennerRadar Observations of Binary Asteroid and Janus Mission Target (195706) 1996 FG3Download
10:05-10:30Shantanu NaiduRadar-Based Characterization of Binary Near-Earth Asteroid (35107) 1991 VHDownload
10:30-11:00Registered attendees and invited guestsCoffee Break / Poster Viewing  
11:00-11:25Ellen HowellThe Orbit Solution of Near-Earth Binary 164121 (2003 YT1)
Combining LBT Direct Imaging and Arecibo Radar Observations
11:25-11:50Estela Fernandez-ValenzuelaVaruna's Rotational Light-Curve Changes  
11:50-12:15Dong-Heun KimThe Photometric Study of Mars Crosser 2078 NankingDownload
12:15-13:45Registered attendees and invited guestsDiscussion Time / Lunch  
13:45-14:10Noam SegevAn Algorithm to Search for Binary Asteroids in Precise Astrometric SurveysDownload
14:10-14:35Carlos Alberto Guerrero PanaSpeckle Interferometry of Binary Asteroids from the Main BeltDownload
14:35-15:00Josef DurechShapes and spin-axis directions of members of asteroid pairsDownload
15:00-15:25Nick MoskovitzA Common Origin for Dynamically Associated Near-Earth Asteroid PairsDownload
15:25-15:55Registered attendees and invited guestsCoffee Break / Poster Viewing  
15:55-16:20Petr FatkaCascade Disruptions in Asteroid ClustersDownload
16:20-16:45Petr PravecBinary Systems Among Asteroid PairsDownload
16:45-17:10Dan ScheeresMinimum Energy Configurations for Deformable Rubble Pile AsteroidsDownload
17:10-17:30Registered attendees and invited guestsOpen Discussion  
17:30-21:00Registered attendees and invited guestsNight Out (Buffet Dinner at Coopersmith's)  

Thursday, September 5Embargoed abstracts do not have a Download link
08:30-08:55Alex B. DavisHigh Fidelity Modelling of Contact Binary Asteroid FissionDownload
08:55-09:20Francis NimmoTidal Dissipation in Rubble-pile Binary AsteroidsDownload
09:20-09:45Oleksiy GolubovYORP Equilibria of Binary Asteroids: TheoryDownload
09:45-10:10Vladyslav UnukovychYORP Equilibria of Binary Asteroids: Data AnalysisDownload
10:10-10:40Registered attendees and invited guestsCoffee Break / Poster Viewing  
10:40-11:05Maxime DevogelePolarimetric Observations of the Binary Asteroid 1999 KW4Download
11:05-11:30Myriam PajueloSpectral Properties of Small Binary AsteroidsDownload
11:30-11:55Eliot F. YoungCharacterizing Asteroid Satellites with NASA's High-altitude Balloon ProgramDownload
11:55-14:00Registered attendees and invited guestsDiscussion Time / Lunch Break  
14:00-14:25Marc W. BuieTight and Contact TNO Binaries with Stelllar OccultationsDownload
14:25-14:50Malena RiceConstraints on the Scattered Disk Population from Binary Cold Classical KBOsDownload
14:50-15:15Alan W. HarrisBuilding a Snowman in SpaceDownload
15:15-15:45Registered attendees and invited guestsCoffee Break / Poster Viewing  
15:45-16:10Harrison F. AgrusaThe Induced Libration of Didymos B Resulting from the Dart ImpactDownload
16:10-16:35Peter ScheirichObservations of Didymos in Support of Dart and HeraDownload
16:35-17:00Laurent PouTidal Stress and Failure in the Moon of Binary Asteroids: Application to DidymosDownload
17:00-18:00Registered attendees and invited guestsFinal Discussions / Future Plans  
18:00-18:00End of meeting  

All TimesDaniel J. ScheeresJanus: A mission Concept to Explore Two NEO Binary AsteroidsDownload
All TimesAlbert R. ConradThe Road to 10 mas Imaging at LBTDownload
All TimesHarrison F. AgrusaThe Effects of Impact Geometry on Cratering and Momentum TransferDownload
All TimesBin LiDoubly Synchronous Binary Candidates from CNEOST Asteroid Lightcurve SurveyDownload
All TimesShantanu P. NaiduPhysical Characterization of Binary Asteroid 65803 DidymosDownload
All TimesNick MoskovitzModernizing Lowell Observatory's ASTORB DatabaseDownload
All TimesMagdalena PolinskaA Suspected Contact Binary 3169 Ostro - New Model and it's UncertaintyDownload