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George Cattermole (1800-1868) The Scribe

Abstract Submission Deadlines

Now open

Close: 2019 July 1

Late Abstracts (July 1-Aug 15)
Poster only

Abstract Submission 

Click here to go to the abstract submission site (new page off site).

Abstracts will borrow from the guidelines for the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. The submission page has a link to download a PDF template that includes style and layout information.

Options: oral or poster.
One oral and one poster per lead author.

If doing an oral presentation, a poster is encouraged. The poster can be on a different topic or amplify on the oral presentation. It's recommended that if an oral presentation will have lots of technical elements (equations, tables, complicated graphics), the poster should present those elements so that the oral presentation can as math-free as possible.

PDF only submission. Make sure all fonts are embedded into the document.

Abstracts will be made available on-line. There will not be a printed abstract book.The collection of abstracts may be submitted to the NASA ADS as meeting proceedings.
There will be a separate room for posters.
Size limitations have not been set, but probably 36x36 in (91x91 cm)