Registration Now Open

Click here for the on-line reservation form (opens a new page off site).</b>

Deadline: Registrations are limited to a maximum of 60 participants or 2019 August 1 (00:00 Mountain Time), whichever comes first. Don't get leftout by waiting until the last minute.

Current number of registrants: 5

Cost: $300 USD single; $340 USD if including a guest. Paid guests can join in during coffee breaks and the "night out" on September 3 (tentatively set at New Belgium Brewery with catered hot food in a casual setting). Details will be announced when known.

Payment: Payment is by credit card only using the secure PayPal site. You do not need a PayPal account. Payment is due at the time of registration. However, if necessary, refunds can be issued up to 90 days after the card was charged by contacting Brian D. Warner.

Visa Letters: If you need an invitation letter, indicate that on the registration form. 

Student Waivers: There may be funds available to help students with meeting costs. Grants can be used to pay the registration fee or for travel. Indicate a preference on the registration form.

Hotel: The Hilton Gardens hotel is reserving a minimum number of rooms to start and will go up to 30 maximum. Booking cutoff is 2019 August 3. 

A direct link to the hotel booking system that is "meeting aware" will be available soon.