Program Information

The Workshop will have 8 sessions over 2 days. Oral presentations will be 20-30 minutes (depending on the number of abstracts received).

Current Meeting Schedule Outline

Oral presentations can be run from your PC. The input requirement for the projector is either VGA or HDMI. The maximum resolution of the projector is 1280x800 (1.6:1 aspect ratio).

N.B. If using your laptop, you must bring the necessary cable to connect the laptop to the projector.

If you want to run your presentation from the workshop PC (Windows),  it must be PowerPoint and submitted by email to Brian Warner on or before 17:00 2019 August 30 (Mountain Time  GMT -6).

Emailed files cannot exceed 15 MB. If your file is larger, a link to a DropBox folder will be made available.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Resolution: 1280x800 (1.6:1)
If using workshop PC:
Windows PowerPoint only
Due by 2019 Aug 30 17:00 MT
Email Max Size: 15 MB
Embedded video allowed
If using your PC/Mac:
VGA or HDMI output
You must provide the cable to go from your laptop to the projector
No Audio